Dear friends,
I’m very excited to announce my upcoming show : CORNERSTONE.
The opening will be on March 2nd at 6 p.m at the Brannan Mason Gallery in Los Angeles, DTL Art District.
The exhibition will introduce portraits of people I’ve met randomly in the streets of New York between August 2016 and August 2018. By bringing these portraits together, I try to show the beauty and the diversity of the city. The people I photographed there are from Puerto Rico, China, Chicago and Tennessee. They were born here or not, their family arrived several generations ago, or not. They are all New Yorkers, wandering among the stones of their city, in Harlem, Brooklyn, Soho or Manhattan. CORNERSTONE brings them together in the spirit of the U.S. original motto : «E pluribus unum», Out of many, one.
Brannan Mason Gallery’s exhibition CORNERSTONE is featuring my work as a photographer and the amazing paintings of the Haitian artist Xavier Delatour aka Samdi. Xavier takes inspiration from the cubist period of Pablo Picasso and the strengh of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s art work. The show will also reveal exclusive pieces from our collaboration.
Thank you for your great support !
Can’t wait to see you there !