Etienne Rougery-Herbaut was born in 1984 in Paris.

He started photography at age 16 by secretly borrowing the family camera, a semi automatic Nikkormat, to take pictures in the streets of Paris.

“As I was observing the crowd, I witnessed a very violent scene between a protester and the police. I got thrown on the floor while photographing the scene. When I got up, I realized I had caught a unique moment.”

That is a defining instant for Etienne. He decides to follow an artistic path and to travel to photograph the otherness.

In 2008, he finishes his studies in art history and production.

In 2009, he meets the artist JR, fascinating by his energy and his projects. He participates in the pasting of the docks of Île Saint-Louis in Paris – he is the artist’s first intern. He then becomes in charge of production for him and remains so for 7 years. He coordinates his actions and travels along with the projects. He goes to Kenya, the USA, Brazil, Europe, Asia, Turkey, and UAE. He also travels on his side for his own projects.

In August 2013, he travels to Siberia to meet the minors of Borodino, the largest coal mine in Russia.

In August 2014, he travels to India to photograph the embroiderers of Chennai, in the region of Tamil Nadu. Many workers invite him in their village.

In 2015, he develops a new photographic approach, more conceptual, around the evaporation of memories.

In 2016, he travels to Algeria with the artist Youssef Boubekeur. Their collaboration brings drawing and photography closer through the study of the instant.

In 2017, he prepares ELLIPSE, his first exhibition in Paris. ELLIPSE questions the memory, it offers a visual exploration of memories… It opens with reportages in Siberia and India, and presents more abstract photographs in the series “Vision” and “Memories”.

Etienne’s work takes inspiration from the images of René Burri, their liveliness and precision, and from the strength of the portraits of workers by Dorothea Lange.

Our memories escape us as much as they stay within us. I would love to remember everything: faces, experiences, all that eyes tell; sensitivity, strength, dignity.